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Benefits of termites baiting system                           

"Bait system consists of plastic sleeves which are put above ground or in the ground around the house. Bait system is relatively new tool to remove termite in environmental friendly. Bait system can controls colony in 4-5 weeks and also no drilling and pumping of chemicals inside and outside your home" 

  • Termite baiting systems are beneficial for eliminating termites from homes with basements, lot of wood work and houses built on lower grounds.
  • It is an eco-friendly system as the early termite detection can be done without using chemicals.
  • These systems use a limited amount of pesticide in large termite colonies which are not harmful for humans.
  • Termite baits are very easy to install compared to soil treatment and structural barriers.

The Termite Baiting System is a proven, long-term protection against termite damage.

How it works (6 steps to total colony elimination)
  1. Feed Termite with Termite Baits
  2. Termites consumes the Baits and bring back the baits to feed the entire colony including the termite queen.
  3. The baits which contains a special Active Ingredient, work as Insect Growth Regulator (IGR). This active ingredient prevents the termites from shedding their hard skin when they grow.
  4. Large number of termites within the colony starts to die due to unable to shed skin (molting) and the decomposing dead termite create inhabitable environment within the colony.
  5. The termite queen dies when no termites bring food to feed the queen.
  6. When the queen dies, the entire colony is eliminated.  


To eliminate the termites colony.




Scope of Works:

Premise inspection, installation of bait stations, addition of baits, time to time inspection, pull-out the station, dismantled the stations and safely disposed off the un-consumed Termite Bait.

Service Maintenance as low as 30% from actual initial payment.
Product's Price

Above Groud (AG)
    1   x RM388/unit

    2   x RM350/unit
≥ 3   x RM300/unit

In Ground (IG)
RM120/ unit

The Baiting Process

Fresh Bait   As termites eat the bait, the bait changes colour   As termites eat the bait, the bait changes colour   Termites are gone. The bait turns brittle.